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Because of our rapidly expanding containter production capabilities, the logistics of winter protection posed an increasing challenge. To protect and insulate vast numbers of containers was a situation that the company needed to address.

To meet this emergency, in late fall, '06 we purchased a snow-making machine to help insulate our plants during cold snaps. We felt that this would be an efficient, as well as, large scale solution to protecting our nursery stock during periods of intense, but dry and snowless cold, which the Inland Pacific Northwest experiences regularly.

During one deep freeze we used it to blanket 3 acres of consolidated grasses and perennials with 3 - 6 inches of machine generated snow. It generated quite a bit of local interest as well!


This machine was such a succes that we purchased a second snow-making machine in the fall of 2010.  This second machine allows us to cover our ever expanding inventory in much less time.


Making sure our inventory remains healthy and viable throughout the growing season is a priority with us, and we continue to research and refine our winter protection methodologies.