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Our nursery property consists of 40 acres situated on both sides of the Oregon/Washington state line. Our growing facilities consist of 1.5 acres of heated and ventilated greenhouses, 2.5 acres of cold frames and 14 acres of outdoor container growing area.

We grow and over winter most of our crops outdoors. Our emphasis on outdoor growing coupled with the cool nights typical of our inland locality produce compact, durable, vernalized plants that will bloom heavily and perform well even in the frosty spring mornings typical of the inland Northwest. Our production capacity has increased several-fold in the last few years.

We now produce over one million one-gallon perennials and ornamental grasses annually. In 2007, we added a new automated potting line that has greatly improved our ability to produce crops efficiently within our seasonal production windows. To make space for all these plants, we have been developing between 2-4 acres of additional container growing space annually for 5 years running.