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Walla Walla Nursery is a wholesale plant firm dedicated to growing the best ornamental grasses, grass-like plants and perennials. Our objective is to provide an extremely broad selection of quality plants in readily available numbers and convenient sizes to our nursery and landscape customers. Grasses & perennials are great! They come in all colors, sizes and textures. The beauty and diversity of these plants, as well as the growing appreciation and practical need for more natural, native, water conserving landscapes is driving the continued growth of this exciting market. Our current listing includes over 1200 species & varieties of perennials, grasses, vines, groundcovers, select shrubs, bamboos, liriope and other

 grass-like members of the lily family. We also carry a growing number of western native aquatic and arid land species

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We are continually expanding our selection and offerings to the meet the needs of the industry in the following areas: * Finished plants for the landscaper and retail garden center; * Plugs for the wholesale grower; * Natives for western xeriscapes & riparian areas; * Rare and unusual plants for collectors & specialty nurseries *   Our hope is that we will soon be able to offer the broadest selection of grasses and perennials in container sizes normally used in the nursery and landscape industry. Currently we are offering our plants in everything from 128 cell plugs for the grower, to 2-gallon specimens for the retailer. We are working to emphasize smaller size plugs, that have not normally been readily available, in order to increase options and reduce costs for the grower. 72-cell plugs and 1-gallon containers remain our standard sizes and constitute a majority of our sales.

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